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At Dynamic Nutraceuticals, we are committed to producing high quality ingredients with active enzymes for the food and supplement industry. Located in the beautiful wine country of Sonoma County California, we specialize in Certified Organic Freeze-Dried Sprouts and Wheatgrass Powders.

Established in 1991, we have worked hard to develop low bacteria, shelf stable products that are as close to the original fresh plant state as possible. Our process from start to finish is accomplished in house and under one roof. This helps to ensure that strict quality control standards are followed and allows for quicker lead times.

Our products are widely used in Dry Drink Formulas, Nutritional Food Bars, Vitamins, Cereals, Pet Foods and Supplements.

We are:

bullet Certified Organic
bullet Kosher Certified
bullet FDA compliant for Good Manufacturing Practices


Dynamic Nutraceuticals Offers:

bullet High Quality Organic Freeze Dried Sprout & Wheatgrass Powders
bullet Low Microbial Counts
bullet High Quality Control Standards
bullet Quick Lead Times – We Handle Our Entire Process at One Facility
bullet 15 Years of Experience
bullet Dedication to Your Company & Products


Add powerful nutrition and value to your product with Organic Freeze-Dried Sprout Powders

During sprouting, processes in the dormant seed or grain start converting storage protein and carbohydrates into active enzymes and vitamins.Sprouting converts a seed into a living vegetable where proteins, vitamins and phyto-chemicals increase 3-5 times. Because sprouts are loaded with enzymes they are easily digested.

Live enzyme foods provide dramatically more nutrition and energy to the body. Dr. Edward Howell conducted extensive research on the benefits of live enzyme foods. He discovered an important relationship whereby food enzymes aid digestive enzymes which in turn support and build metabolic enzymes. Metabolic enzymes are like worker bees that help the body’s cells perform their functions. He also became aware that metabolic enzymes diminish without a replenishment of food enzymes. He found that a key difference between younger and older people is their levels of metabolic enzymes.

Certain sprouts serve different purposes. For example, quinoa, amaranth and millet are considered super sprouts and are an excellent non-gluten protein alternative. Alfalfa, fenugreek, and cruciferous varieties such as broccoli have nutritional and healing benefits.

According to Dr. Talalay of John Hopkins University broccoli sprouts have three to ten times more of the various cancer preventing compounds found in mature broccoli.

We freeze-dry our sprout products to ensure the highest activity possible. In fact, laboratories that conduct studies on proteins use freeze-drying as their method of choice for preserving enzyme activity.

Our products are handled in strict accordance with GMP standards. We use a licensed 3rd party laboratory for full spectrum testing to ensure product safety.


Dynamic Nutraceuticals, P.O. Box 940, Sebastopol, CA 95473
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