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Sprouts as an Ingredient:

Sprouts can replace many of the seeds used as ingredients in nutritional supplements and foods. The choice of which one to use comes down to which food group you want: Seeds are like bread, sprouts are vegetables.

There may only be a few days difference between a seed and its sprout, but enough changes occur during that time that the two are considered to be completely different foods. One is an inactive material with few life processes being evident, the other is full of the enzyme reactions that govern cell growth, repair, and differentiation, including the hormones and other messenger molecules that turn these processes on and off.

An examination of the protein forms found in wheat seeds and wheat sprouts will show a striking change in the complexity and diversity of proteins as enzymes are formed during the sprouting process. This is as you'd expect: the sprout is a complex living organism, the seed is still mostly raw material waiting to be built into one.

Sprouts are whole young plants, most other vegetables eaten by humans are from adult plants and then only from a part of the adult. Sprouts consist of all parts of the embryo or juvenile plant - roots, young leaves and whatever is left in the seed. They are an entire plant in its most active growth stage - and when processes that repair cells, stop uncontrolled division and protect DNA from free radical damage are also the most active.

So, although sprouts are a vegetable, there are reasons to think that they offer a different nutritive effect then most other vegetables. If diverse mixtures of live active enzymes from growing plants are an important component of the diet, then sprouts would be a key way of delivering a full spectrum of those nutrients in a concentrated form.


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